Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Nashville for the Weekend!!

I am so glad to be sitting here blogging this early Saturday morning. I was afraid that I was not going to have internet access this weekend. I cannot survive without the laptop! We are staying in a hotel in Nashville while Big E has guard duty this weekend. We figured since we had to be up here for a funeral yesterday, we might as well stay all weekend. It's exciting for me to get away from the house and to get to visit with my friends. The only thing that is difficult is traveling with a 1 year old. Her pack and play will be where she sleeps, snacks, and plays!! I am not fond of her crawling around on the floor in a hotel room..Yuck!! Hopefully we will get out and find lots to do since it is supposed to be 70 degrees all weekend!! YAY!!! I think we might find a park and we also have to go to the fabric store and I must go to Opry Mills. The sales there are awesome at Children's Place and Gymboree outlets. I can honestly buy both of my kids an entire wardrobe for the next winter season for like $50 right now. Everything goes on clearance at the end of each season and most of it is like $1.99 per piece at the Children's Place. I love to shop, but being a one-income family doesn't really allow me to do so. I have to just enjoy it when I am getting really awesome deals! Well, I think I will head down to the free hotel breakfast and grab something to eat and start my day! Happy Saturday!!

Here are some pictures of Princess E this morning in the pack and play:

With her toys and cheerios

This is her way of playing Peek-A-Boo

She is just to dang cute!! She is talking up a storm and can already sing H, I, J, K of her alphabet!