Monday, April 20, 2009

I Can't Believe I Fell Off the Blog Wagon!

I know. Shame on me. Honestly, things have been so crazy. My head is constantly spinning on my shoulders. I can never decide what to do next. Lately, my focus has been on my family and my home. I love my sewing, but I just needed to take a minute to get back to my kiddos and my hubby. We (my husband) are coaching A-man's tee ball team. It is much harder to do than soccer! More kids and less activity- unless they are batting! I am the team mom, so my job is to remember everything my husband forgets, answer all parent questions, keep up with the game/ snack/ and concession schedule, and keep up with the wild little players in the dugout. It is pure chaos, yet so much fun! The team is just so cute! They are all full of such enthusiasm and determination! We have games 2 times a week and that is plenty to keep me busy!

I have been spring cleaning for a couple of weeks. I am doing closets now and my kids have more clothes than they could ever wear. Princess E had so much stuff in her closet that I just pulled it all out and threw it in the middle of the floor. Then, I dumped her drawers too. I went through each piece and boxed what she can no longer wear and reorganized what she can wear! It was very time consuming, but so refreshing to look in her closet when I finished! A-man's wasn't too terrible. He just had some stuff that doesn't fit any more, so I tossed in a box to send to his cousin. We are a major hand-me-down family. Our kids are perfectly spaced to pass the clothes around. It sure beats buying clothes every season! I think I will do my closet next!

Oh, I wanted to mention that my new (refurbished) machine that I bought, was a hunk of junk!! I had to send it back, so that kind of made me sewing! Good news...a new (I mean still in the box new) machine is waiting on my pick up. I am going to get it Monday! Yay! I have a lot of projects I would like to finish and some new ones to start! The place I am picking up my machine has KIWI paper!! It is some neato stuff! I can't wait to try it out! I will go into detail more when I do a project with it, so stay tuned!

Projects that I recently completed:

A birthday gift for my sister

A matching applique shirt for my nephew

An Easter basket lining monogrammed for my cousin's little girl