Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday is Over!! It's Time to Get Back to Work!!

Happy Monday everyone! While it seems I have been on a very long blogging vacation, that is soo not the case!! We have been in the middle of another move due to the fact that the house we were living in was on the market and it SOLD!! Blah!! I used to love moving because I love new places to decorate, but I am over it! We have way too much stuff to move now! We have managed to finally get moved and I have to say that "I do love the space in our new house." It has a full, partially finished basement, so guess what??? I have my very own SEWING ROOM!! YAY!! I know you are just jumping up and down with me right now!! When I get it all put together I will post some pictures of it.

Also, with this move, came my wonderful older sis "S" and her two kiddos "K" and "J" to stay with us for awhile. They have relocated from Tampa, FL to be closer to family! This is uber exciting because big sis "S" and my niece "K" are super crafty! We have some big ideas swiriling around here that may make some of your jaws drop when you see what becomes of these fantastic editions to Baby Goodness Boutique. I will give you a tiny hint: printer photo fabric. I know that you are excited now!!

On another note, I am considering relocating to an etsy store. I am thinking that it may help generate more business. What do you think?? I do not know alot about selling on etsy, but I have bought a few things from it before. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

As for our holiday weekend, it was fantastic! Saturday we got a front row seat at the fireworks display. Instead of crying and being scared (which I thought for sure was going to be the case), Princess E watched the fireworks, clapped her hands, and yelling "Alright, Yay, and Pretty." She isn't afraid of anything! A-man dunked a guy in the dunk tank and rode the mechanical bull at the festivities.

On Sunday, we went to a friend's house to grill out and go swimming. I took a ton of cute pics and what I think are some good action shots of A-man in the water. He is quite the dare devil.

Oh, I also spent a little time giving my blog a makeover and helping out my favorite cousin fix some major layout problems with her NEW BLOG!! Click the link to follow her crazy, yet interesting life Somewhere In the Sun. Stay tuned for lots of new projects to come!! I am headed to Jo-Ann's to do some shopping!!