Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Can't There Be Two of Me?

I am in birthday party planning chaos! I need to be scrubbing toilets and wrapping presents here at the house and I need to be out in town finishing grocery shopping and covering last minute stops. This is crazy because I started planning this party as soon as Christmas was over. I think it never clicks how much needs to be done until the 24 hours before the party is supposed to happen. I love having parties, especially birthday parties! I like being able to choose a theme and get all the cute stuff to go with it. This party is Princess E's 1st birthday so I chose Abby Cadabby. I know she is only one and she doesn't care, but she will go back and see pictures and know that Mommy went all out for her because I love her to pieces and it makes me happy to do it! It makes me happy after the fact, but making it all happen may be the death of me this week! I have family coming in to town and I am giving them my house because the economy has raised hotel room rates through the roof! Me, Big E, A-man, and Princess E will be crashing at Nana's since she is close and has a spare bed! I know it sounds stressful, but having my family drive 3 hours to my daughter's party means so much to me! I love having my family visit! Big E's family is from here, so they get to see us more often. Anyways, back to this party planning business...I need another body to mind these munchkins that need drinks, diapers changed, and want someone entertain them 24/7!! A-man is so excited about the party, but he thinks it just happens without any effort. He says to me this morning "Mommy, are you gonna do this housework all day?" If he only knew that is the last thing I wanted to hear after not going to bed until 3:30 am this morning! He thinks he knows it all, but this statement only shows how innocent his little mind truly is....he is precious and I love him! As for all of the sewing projects I wrote about yesterday that I needed to do...YEAH RIGHT!! I just decided to hang them up until after the weekend is over, except for Princess E's birthday shirt! I made this for her to wear with her hot pink tutu! These shirts are available on my website if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me here and mention my blog for a 20% off discount. These shirts can be personalized many different ways for your child's special occasion!

Well...I guess I need to get back to my toilets....Yay!! Tomorrow is the big party day, so I will post lots of cute pics of our little Princess E!! Happy Friday!


Sarah said...

I love the little T-shirt! Hope you have a great day!