Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Princess E

I have been gone for a few days- working hard on all things that need to be accomplished before all of the family comes in to town this weekend for the birthday party! But, today is a very special day in our lives. Princess E joined our family and stole every ones heart at 5:50 p.m. one year ago today!

Here she is only a few minutes old:

I have only cried once today, but I have been crying on and off all week because my sweet little baby is growing up so quickly. I do not intend to have anymore children so its bittersweet for me! Princess E is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world. She has made us laugh a lot and cry some too. She has made us worry when she has been sick and exhausted when she refuses to sleep all night. Most importantly, she makes me smile every time I look at her knowing that she is a true gift from the Lord. We have been so blessed and are so thankful. As we sat at the dinner table, eating birthday pizza, Big E asked A-man if he was happy to have sister with us or if he liked it better when it was just the three of us. I expected my 4 year to wish her away since he used to be the center of attention and now he has to fight for his own! My sweet little boy said " I am glad we have sister. She is fun to play with and I love her." He is such a sweet and loving little guy! You know after the pizza we had to have a little cake to practice for the big party on Saturday! Check out our little princess:

Happy Birthday To You!!

All we said was "Bite" and this is what she did

Mmm....Good Cake!!!

On a sewing note: I will be working on a diaper bag, 3 crayon bags, and a birthday shirt for Princess E to wear for pictures and party day. I will post pics as I complete these projects! I am off to bed! Goodnight!